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[ Well you know totally last minute BUT

This is a giant catch-all post for fourth wall and my characters!  Naoto can be found in the library either putting books away or reading, Seto can be found just wandering around or outside at night, looking at the stars with his telescope and Rhyme can be found working at All Passions.  Please specify which character you want in the subject line of your tag please! ]
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[What’s written is child-like handwriting. Albeit neater but still resembling that of a child’s and what’s written isn’t directed at anyone. In fact, it’s written like a page in a diary]

April 13th

10:30am I woke up a few minutes ago and I think I'm in a library.  This isn't Grampa's library or the local library.  I have my detective tools with me though.  Where am I?

10:32am There are a lot of books here.  Grampa doesn't have a lot of these.

10:38am I’ve spotted a few people in here. They're all wearing wings and I have some too.  I wonder why?  What’s even stranger is that I can make mine move.

10:40am I tried to take the wings on my back off but it really hurt when I pulled on the feathers. I don't think I should touch them...

10:50am I took a look outside, I don’t think I’ve been here before.  There's a fountain out front and a bunch of buildings but it's raining really hard so I can't go outside to look around.  I guess I'll have to stay here for a little until it stops.

Further details to come as I conduct an investigation, starting here in the library.

[A few minutes pass before she writes:]

11:15am I want to go home. [There’s only a moment to see that before she starts scribbling it out]


[For a good few hours, Naoto will be hanging out around the library since 1) it’s raining outside, 2) there are people in here to question and 3) books. So anyone is free to catch her sitting down with a few piles of books sitting around her with her nose stuck in one of them. Also if you happen to be in the library, you might be approached by a small girl and she'll even give a polite "excuse me" to get your attention.

Junior Detective Naoto Shirogane is on the case!

In the late afternoon, Naoto moves out of the library and makes a run to visit the bakery, All Passions and the flower shop to check things out and talk to more people.]

((All responses will come from [personal profile] juniordetective  !!)
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[These past few months have been rough for Naoto mentally. Homesickness has taken its toll on her as she’s reminded by the photo given to her over Christmas about how long she’s been away from home, how long she’s been away from her friends and grandfather. She misses all of them so much. Nearly half of the investigation team she hasn’t seen in almost two years now, Rise nearly a year and Yukiko just a few months.

It also reminds her that she's older than all of them now. Yukiko even mentioned how much older she looked and sounded when she was here. She's actually older than the entire team now. She's grown up without them by her side with the exception of Souji who came and went a few times, this now being the second time he's gone.

When she wakes up to find Souji’s room now empty, unoccupied, she feels a heavy weight on her heart. Even though she knows it's best if they're not trapped here to be experimented on and sent to war, it hurts to be alone again, to be without her first and closest friends whom she misses.

And while this place has made her put up a facade from the constant farewells like when she was younger, quietly, she cries because she does miss them.

There are no notes left behind, no goodbye, only the sword he used here and back home. It's not something she can train with or use. It's too big for a person of her size, but she keeps it, placing it next to her desk. She takes a moment to put on a strong face before opening her journal.]

Souji Seta has been sent home. [And that’s all she writes before shutting her journal.

She needs a distraction, something to keep her mind busy, and today she's more than glad she attends school here. It may not deal with mysteries but it's something quick to give her something to work on and keep her focus away from thoughts of home. Besides, she can go to the library and find something later.

After school, if anyone stays behind, they might hear music coming from the music room. Well, there's no specific song that's being played, rather it's a guitar being...well, attempted to be tuned. It's probably just as horrible as the attempt Rise made to tune it a long time ago.

Naoto's never played the guitar, in fact she normally plays the piano when she stays behind after school like this. She's only really researched it to understand them a bit more. But the guitar is something Rise left behind for her almost a year ago when she left, along with a song she wrote for her.

It's taken her this long to make a go at it, but right now it puts her a bit more at ease.

(Naoto will respond to messages in the evening!)]
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[Copying this trend from last year. IT JUST MAKES THIS EASIER FOR ME TBH.

NAOTO: Can be found at the library (working and putting away books or reading and doing research), walking around the village to interrogate people and sitting on the roof of building four.

SETO: Will be out and about in the village, can be found pretty much anywhere.  Bonus: If you catch him at night he'll be bundled up either sitting on the roof of his house or standing in the front yard with a telescope, looking up at the stars.

NAOI: Won't even bother to come out of his room very often so he'll just be watching from a window.

SION: Will be more or less avoiding the crowds by staying in his apartment, the library or working at the clinic.  All with three mice sitting on his shoulder the entire time of course.

CZESLAW: Feels more or less unsure about the sudden amount of people that made their way into Luceti so he'll be on guard and stick close to building 7, either right outside or inside to watch from a window.

RHYME: will be working at All Passions to help anyone who comes in and will sit outside on the porch to people watch.  She'll even be seen at the tea shop helping out there too.  Feels like Shibuya with this giant crowd.

PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH CHARACTER YOU WANT TO THREAD WITH IN THE SUBJECT LINE.  This is going to be one giant post for them all because making separate posts for them requires effort.]

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[ It's a weird feeling, deja vu is. 

Standing in the doorway of what used to be Rise's room, Naoto staring in at the bareness of it.  The bed is neatly made, no fluffy or frilly pillows resting around it, just white sheets and a single pillow.  Everything the idol once possessed and stored in this room now gone.  Accessories, pictures, books, clothes, you name it, all gone.

It felt as if Luceti just wiped the girl off the face of the earth.  Like she was never even here.  That every moment Naoto spent with her here was a lie.  Much like when Souji left.

Naoto doesn't panic as the reality of the situation sets in nor does she cry.  Instead, she closes the door to the unoccupied room quietly, and walks away from it, sitting herself down on the couch while Kuzunoha stays behind and stares at the door sadly, waiting for his playmate to come out and scream at him.

It takes her a good thirty minutes to pick up the journal, but when she does, she almost decides to try a filter, to try and deny what she knows what's really going on, but she resists.  What would the point be?  She knows it would break.  So she pulls out her pen, in fear that her voice may crack if she speaks, and writes: ]

Rise Kujikawa has been sent home. [ ...She stares down at her own message and frowns, the tears finally well up in her eyes.  It's going to be so much quieter without Rise around.  Without her best friend. ]
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[Do you know what today happens to be?  Well do you??  It's Naoto's birthday of course!  (Not that anyone would know besides two people)  And she's spending it... not... exactly how she had originally planned.  Instead of reading her heart away at the library, she's out and about in the village with a card in her hand, white lilies sticking out of her shoulder bag's pocket and a focused look on her face.

What is she doing?  She's on a scavenger hunt of course!  Sure it may seem a little childish but at least it's been slightly entertaining.
  Well... even if it wasn't, she couldn't just blow the whole thing off.  She'd never forgive herself if she didn't investigate.  Besides, there might be something interesting waiting for her at the end!

So throughout the entire day, Naoto will be wandering around the village (more specifically around the school, library and plaza) in search for her next clue.  Where will you find her?]

[Locked to Roxas]

[After finding the sixth book, lily and clue, Naoto has found herself making her way up to the roof of the library.  When she reaches the top, she's... half surprised and half not to see a certain person standing up there with her.  But she won't let the surprise show.  Instead, she smiles lightly.] 

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[It's been a few hours since Naoto arrived back home but instead of actually getting around to the 'hey I'm back' she's been busy organizing her thoughts.  Meaning she's been too busy making a mess of her desk.  Getting all of her thoughts put down on paper and typed out can get pretty crazy.

But once she reaches a breaking point, she relaxes back in her chair and opens up the journal to make a voice entry-]

I have returned from my mission. [Kuzunoha barks happily in the background at Naoto, waiting for a pat on the head.  And so she does, giving him a small 'sh' afterwards]

It's quite fascinating to learn what kind of information the Malnosso have stored within their own library.  There was so much unorganized data that had yet to be cataloged... I only wish I had been allowed to read more than what I was assigned.  [She sighs.  But she really can't complain all too much.  The information she was assigned to read peeked her interest enough.

She has plenty to think about for a while]

In any case, is there anything I missed in my absence?

[The dog barks again and Naoto chuckles, closing the journal to go give him a bath.

A few hours after the entry goes up, Naoto finally makes her way out of the building to head to the library to grab some new books and maybe volunteer to help out around there.  Afterwards, she heads to Seventh Heaven to actually play the piano for a little.  It's been over two weeks since she's been able to play or listen to someone play so she feels the need to get in some practice]

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[Voice - February 13]

Would any of you consider chocolate to be too cliche of a gift on Valentine's day?  [She really shouldn't be asking the day before Valentine's day but whatever.] I realize that it is practically tradition to give a loved one chocolate of some kind--at least back home it had been--but is that truly the best gift to offer? 

[It's not something she'd consider original or all that special... but that might be just her]

What would you consider to be special and unique as a gift for Valentine's Day?  What would you personally want?  A card?  A rose?  Anything in particular at all? [She just wants some ideas for her present]

[Voice - Filtered to Roxas - February 14]

Do you have some time to spare today, Roxas-kun?  I-I have something for you...
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[Why a mass flood people came into the village over night, Naoto has no idea.  Why these people don't even have WINGS, she can't even begin to think of a reason for it.  She didn't even know that was possible, for new feathers to arrive with no wings.  It's all strange...

But out and about in the village she can't think.  This overcrowding place is driving her crazy, she doesn't have room to think to herself!  How is she supposed to figure out what's going on in this mess?  So she goes to the only place she can to seek silence.  The library.  But even there it's getting busy... so after tolerating the crowd in there for a while, she'll make her way to the roof of building four and just sit up there, books in hand]

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[Written - Filtered away from Roxas]

When someone close to you
How would you react if

[Everything she writes down is scratched out the moment she reads it over.  She just... isn't sure how to approach the question]

Let's say someone close to you, someone you deeply trust, kisses you without any warning.  You know they don't quite understand what the gesture truly means but you personally have been affected by it.  What do you do in such a situation? 

Do you tell them how you felt about it?

...What if you aren't sure about how you felt?  You're confused...

This is all hypothetically speaking..


[All day, Naoto is going to be acting rather... off.  As a matter of fact she's been acting weird for a while now and the only ones who might be able to notice are Roxas, Rise and Ven. 

Ever since that day, Naoto's been avoiding Roxas, and even Ven.  Whenever she sees either of them, she turns and walks the other way, whenever either of them try to catch her attention, she ignores them and tries to hide somewhere.  It isn't that she's mad (even though it seems like she is) it's just that she's confused...

So as long as Roxas and Ven aren't around, Naoto will be outside, just wandering around the village with a coat and scarf on or in the library reading some books.  She needs to think... ]

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[As the normal day presses on at school, Naoto takes her usual elaborate notes on the lessons in her classes, but what continues to go through her head isn't what's going on in class, it's what she plans to do after school ends for the day.  The moment her class lets out, she makes her way down to the empty music room but as she opens the door to the room, she stares inside for a moment, almost as if she's nervous, before slowly inching her way inside to approach the instrument.

It isn't that she hasn't been here before or anything, in fact she's been in this room several times, but now she's actually here to try and play the piano, something she hasn't done in quite a while.  For a moment, she just looks it over, remember how her grandfather and father used to play it.  There's no doubt she isn't going to match up to them, at least not right now since she's been out of practice for nearly a year, but trying to catch up to where she was before won't hurt.

So pulling out a piece of sheet music (that she had gotten from the item shop), from her school bag, she sets it on the piano then places her bag on the floor so it leans against the bench's leg.  She takes her seat on the bench and after a moment she takes a deep breath then calmly places her fingers in the correct starting positions.  To get a beat, she counts in her head and as she gets the tempo down, she begins to press each one in the order that's written down on the paper.  It isn't too hard of a  song, for her at least.  She may be out of practice a little but it's better she test how much she remembers instead of just going easy on herself.  As she continues to play calmly and softly, her lips turn to make a soft smile.  She had almost forgotten how nice it was to play the piano.

Though she tries to play quietly (since she doesn't want to make herself that known), the music can probably be heard down the hall but it's faint, even as Naoto hits crescendos she stays quiet.  For four minutes the song goes on until finally she reaches the end of the page.

As her fingers hit the final few keys gently, she lets the notes die down before sliding her fingers off the smooth surface of the keys to rest her hands on her lap just for a moment, the same smile still on her face.  Even though she only played for a few minutes, she can't help but feel relaxed and quite happy to say the least.  She would always use the piano as a way to calm down, and even as things continue to go on here, it still is able to put her at ease.

Snapping out of her little daze, she realizes it's probably best not to be here for long after hours, and stands up, grabbing the sheet music and her bag, taking her time as she pulls on her jacket and wraps a small white scarf around her neck then proceeds to make her way out of the school.  Once outside, a snowflake slowly flutters down and lands on her nose but it quickly dissolves.] 

Oh. [is all she can say before she stares up at the light gray sky.  Her wings even give a small flap from the pleasant surprise that overcomes her just for a moment.  More little snowflakes flutter down and land on her cheeks, that have slowly begun to turn pink because of the cold air, eyelashes and dark blue hair but she doesn't move to wipe them away, instead she just stares--or rather watches them fall.  This is much better than the time the fog had covered Inaba.  The fog was so dense back then, the snow practically disappeared into it, making it almost impossible to see the little flakes unless they drifted down right in front of your eyes.  It wasn't very pretty really, but at least now it does look graceful like how winter should look.

She blinks once, then twice, shivering a little as she exhales, making a small cloud of her own breath visible for a second.  She just can't stop spacing out today, huh?  Well it's a bit too cold to just be standing out here like this so she continues on her way across the plaza to
go to the library. 

She enters the slightly warmer building and she takes off her scarf, placing it on a table along with her school bag.
  She then pulls a few books out of her bag,  As she reads over the titles one last time, it dawns on her that she's read each of them at least twice by now... maybe even more but that's not a bad thing!  Some more variety would be nice though, so she takes out the journal that was in her bag and opens it up, writing neatly on the page:]

Do any of you have a novel you would consider to be your favorite?  Or is there a subject any of you may find to be appealing? 

[She's not going to limit suggestions or anything, she likes to learn and read about new things as long as it's actually interesting and not boring though if you tell her about a detective novel she doesn't know about, you get extra points.

So she just leaves the page open and makes her way down the isles to return the books that are in her hand
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Locked to Roxas )


(unlocked) [It'll be closer to the evening when Naoto finally goes outside but only to go to the library and get a book to read.  She'll be in her blazer and plaid pants and a white bandage is wrapped around her neck and goes under her right arm to hold it up since it's broken.  After she picks out a good novel, she'll be up sitting on the roof of the fourth community building.  Her shadow's reappearance has given her one or two things to think about and a high place is the best place to think for her. 

Where will you find her?]


[Around 6pm or so Naoto finally reaches for her journal.  In a way she's been stalling, wondering about how she should go about this.  It isn't the first time her shadow has shown itself to her friends but still, it's just as nerve wracking as the first time... Taking a deep breath]

Good evening.  I believe I should start this out by apologizing... My shadow's actions--or rather my actions--were inexcusable.  [ She pauses.  There's no doubt in her mind that she's bound to be questioned but it's probably better that she not just come out and say everything on an open network.  She'll just have to wait and filter conversations. ]  I realize a few of you may have some questions for me and you are free to contact me and ask.  I will do my best to answer them.

[There's one last pause] ...I'm sorry...
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[It's been about three-four days since anyone has seen Naoto walking around the village since she was mallynapped but now she's back, in a way at least.  The girl who has returned is familiar to two people but to everyone else, say hello to a very mood-swingish and angry Naoto.  It doesn't help that she woke up not knowing which way to go, it's frustrating you know?  Along with the mental change, her eyes have also turned bright yellow and she now wears a lab coat that's obviously too big for her since the sleeves dangle five inches or more off her hands with blood splattered on the ends.

As she weaves herself through the tall trees to head towards the sound of water, the journal slips from her sleeve covered hand and it turns on the audio once it pops open, catching Naoto in mid setence] --amn thing.

After that, all that comes through Naoto's end of the journal is the soft sound of the river as she continues getting closer to it.  It's only this sound for a moment longer, then sniffling, a few hiccups are heard every now and then along with a shuffling sound over the mic, more than likely her sleeve brushing over the microphone whenever she takes a step.  When she speaks it's quite but loud enough for people to make out what she's saying...kinda.]

....I'm so lonely....I-I don't want to be alone... [She hiccups once but it slowly turns into a full on sob.  As she lets out a cry, she drops the journal and it closes, immediately shutting off the audio.  Once she manages to get back up on her feet and actually stop crying, she continues her little trip down the river. 

Does anyone want to come and help the yellow eyed little lab rat find her way out of the woods?  Because she won't be getting out of there any time soon but don't expect a very warm welcome if you do decide to help.]

((ooc: And the player plot begins!  As a mallnapping effect she has returned with the personality and appearance of her shadow.  Information for it is here and the first post with the video is here.  All responses will come from [ profile] invertedprinceOh and an added note, this is happening like around noon time so...yep.  Replies may come slowly until later today cuz my mom is dragging me out with her~)
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[At exactly midnight, something will be broadcasted from the detective's journal.  All that's heard is static even though Naoto obviously looks as if she's talking to the journal when video actually stop glitching and spazzing out.  After a few seconds of this, the feed just suddenly shuts off]

((ooc: Alright starting up the plot I had set for Naoto.  She isn't back from mallynapping but me and Dynast decided to do this P4 style where the video comes in before anything happens SO.  I guess you all can use this as a reaction post to seeing the video?  It's up to you <3))
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[Accidental Video]

[When the video feed turns on, there's a black...thing hovering around the lens, letting out small breaths of air that fogs it up.  Behind all that breathing, a familiar voice faintly calling out to the thing that's shoving it's nose into the camera.  The black blur disappears and a white ball of fuzz replaces it.  Once the fog on the lens does fade, a
little shiba inu puppy is now visible.  Next to him is none other than Naoto's blue hat. 

He stares up at something, his curled tail wagging excitedly]  Kuzunoha, may I have my hat back now?  [Naoto's obviously amused but as her hand reaches out to grab it, the puppy grabs the brim of the hat with his mouth and makes a run for it.  Such a rebel.  She sighs and walks after him.

It continues to record for a few more minutes then the feed cuts off]


[After spending the morning inside with her new dog, during which time Rise and Souji may hear barking at their bedroom doors, Naoto will head outside.

Most of the day Naoto will be just outside of community building four with Kuzunoha, watching him run about and even playing with him when he runs over to her with a stick.  If you're passing by he may end up running up to you to sniff you but he won't stray too far from his owner.  Later on the duo
will be just walking around near the plaza so feel free to approach them!]

[Voice - Filtered to Roxas]

Do you have some time to spare today?  I'd like to discuss a few things with you.

[Voice - Filtered to Kouki]

I have something to give you.  Could you please come over when it's convenient for you?
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[Even though things have calmed down concerning the whole Vanitas ordeal, that doesn't mean Naoto is going to stop training and just relax.  She has to get stronger, right?  So in the morning, she'll be doing her usual thing of heading to the battle dome to train but only for an hour or two.

After that, anyone who is walking around may spot Naoto on the steps to Community Building 4 with a few random objects on the step beside her and one in her hand.  In fact she seems to be focusing on it a great deal, wires coming out of the little trinket as she carefully connects them to each other with different tools.

Later on in the afternoon she'll be at the library, picking out a cook book then she'll head over to the grocery store to get the proper ingredients to make taiyaki and she'll even go to the item shop to grab some more random things to experiment with.

So feel free to bother our little detective]
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[There isn't much to hear when the journal first turns on just the wind blowing and the soft rustling of the grass surrounding it.  Eventually a familiar voice comes up on the other end of the journal, though it's quiet]

...I'm...alive...[a pause] ...why...?


[It's been a few hours since the fight between Naoto and Vanitas ended so it's around evening time now.

If anyone happens to come across Naoto,
in the forest to the west of the village, she'll be sitting up and leaning against a tree instead of lying on the ground like she was before.  With her body as sore as it is, it's relatively difficult for her to move very far. 

The blood
staining her left side continues to come from the obvious gash in her shoulder though not as badly as before.  She's looking up towards the sky and two nice little bruises can be seen on both sides of her jaw from the pressure Vanitas was applying there to knock her out. 

Her hat also seems to be missing, probably blew off while she was out cold.  Perhaps you'll find it on the way to her?]
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[Right now, Naoto wishes that these past few days have been a really really bad dream.  But unfortunately, they weren't and thanks to that, she's even more self conscious than usual.  Why must the Malnosso torture her?  Not to mention, her last encounter with Sora was well...not the best one so that doesn't help.  Her voice comes abruptly from the journal]

To any and all who happened to see me these past few days, I urge you to forget everything you saw or heard.  I will not answer any questions concerning the events that occurred.

[There's a short pause] ...There is something I would like to discuss, not concerning the previous topic.  I haven't done a lot of research on these elemental spirits, but how does one obtain healing abilities from Nala?  I would like to achieve it, if at all possible.

[Yeah, you could say that Naoto is getting pretty sick of feeling useless when it comes to helping her friends, or anyone for that matter, when they're injured.  It's happened one too many times]

[Voice - Filtered away from Sora's journal]

Those who are housemates with he doing okay?  [Another pause] Some of you must know who that person was that did this to him.  Who is he and what reason did he have for doing such a thing?

(OOC - I meant to fix the thing for the current event thats going on, but Naoto is only going to be effected the first 2 days and part of the 3rd day.  This entry is broadcasted a while after she returns to normal, so just a heads up on that!)

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